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Over the years, new technology and services have proliferated greatly in the field of cybersecurity. However, since larger organizations are the main target of malicious hackers, it leaves a significant gap in the market for small and medium-sized businesses. This isn’t the only reason for this. ActZero, a startup, is currently emerging from stealth mode with a suite of solutions targeted exclusively at SMBs. In addition to its public launch, it is also revealing that it has secured a $40 million seed round to establish its company. 40m hyperscale smbslundentechcrunch.

The co-founder and CEO, Sameer Bhalotra, stated in an interview that “SMB security is our key priority.” According to him and the other employees at ActZero, other companies have emerged to address the security concerns faced by big businesses and big government. But we want to support the small and medium-sized enterprises that we believe may require assistance the most. The items have not been put together the way SMBs require them to be.

According to him, that solution is centered on surveillance, controlled identification, and reaction, which ActZero enables with the help of a comprehensive cloud-based AI platform, not only to find but also to contain cyber threats. In turn, AI aids in automating parts of its services, lowering costs and putting everything within the financial grasp of a standard SMB. The smallest clients of ActZero employ a few hundred people, while the largest employ about 3,500 people.

Technology is being used by us to democratize access, he continued. The money is being provided by a lone investor, Point72 Hyperscale, a venture capital firm sponsored by Stephen Cohen, who is perhaps best recognized for his success in the private equity sector. Bhalotra said that the funds were raised “on day one” of ActZero’s establishment in 2019.   

$40 million may seem like a lot for a seed round, particularly for a business that hadn’t yet begun offering services or acquiring clients. However, the money has already been put to use.