Valmont acquired US-based Prospera Technologies for $300M

The experts predict that a petition to legalize photo scans in the European Union could appear as early as this year.

They claimed they were making their findings public right away to alert the European Union to the risks associated with its proposal and because the “extension of the monitoring capabilities of the state truly is passing a red line,” according to Ross Anderson, a participant of the team and professor of security engineering at the University of Cambridge. usbased valmont israel prospera technologies aibased.

Utilizing Prospera’s distinctive technology, the collaboration has increased the scope of its intelligent solutions and will be monitoring five million acres in 2020 as opposed to the initial projection of one million, with twice as many growers using the service as in 2019. In 2021, grower adoption is anticipated to double, with a sharper increase shortly.

We are also discovering new methods to accomplish higher crop yields using less land, water, chemicals, fertilizers, fuel, and time.

To commercialize innovation for farmers with distinctive in-season capabilities, have a beneficial influence on the environment, and increase long-term stakeholder value, we are thrilled to welcome the Prospera team to Valmont.

According to Daniel Koppel, co-founder, and CEO of Prospera, “our strategic alliance has proved the unique combined value of Prospera’s skills and Valmont’s agricultural knowledge and market dominance.” The quickest method to scale effective ag-tech solutions is through this pairing. With the help of our machine learning technologies, which empower producers to make more educated, effective, and scientific decisions, we are thrilled about the future and the chance to carry out our work to feed a growing global population.